Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ten on Tuesday (4)

I'm doing Ten on Tuesday again from this blog.
1. Do you color? If you do, is it with markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc.?
The last time I colored was in spring semester. I colored Ariel from the Little Mermaid. =) I'm pretty sure I used colored pencils. On a more regular basis, however, I use colored pens to color code my notes and draw anatomy structures (comes in handy!).
2. What’s the most organized part (or system) in your house?
My roommates rooms. =)
3. What’s the most unorganized part (or system) in your house?
My room. =(
4. If you had unlimited amounts of time and money, what museum would you want to see and why?
Like Chelsea (the wonderful woman who hosts ToT), this would not be the first thing I do if I had unlimited resources. I'd probably just travel the world, eat lots of food, sit in coffee shops and bakeries. And then eventually (after every country has been visited) I'll settle down in Haiti and pour out my love and unlimited resources to the people there. But if you were really wondering about a museum...yuck...I'd probably go to the Louvre to see Mona Lisa. Or I'd go to a non-museum museum like the air and space center at the Smithsonian. Or the zoo. That's a museum of sorts, right?
5. What is your favorite part of the fall season?
"Cooler" weather. Pumpkin flavored things. Unlimited amounts of candy and food (Halloween and then Thanksgiving). And then the fact that Christmas is right around the corner. Yay!
6. Did you dress up for Halloween?
Negatory. This is the second year in a row that I haven't dressed up. Sad day! But it's ok because I was in Jacksonville with friends for the Florida/Georgia game (GO GATORS!!!).
7. Have you started Christmas shopping?
NO! I'm in college. Christmas shopping doesn't start until after finals. The majority of my shopping gets done the week before Christmas.
8. Do you crack your knuckles?
Yes! Knuckles, wrists, shoulder, neck, back, knees, ankles, toes. I'm crackley.
9. If you had to live in another city for a year (all expenses paid), which city would you choose?
This is a funny question to me because I might just be doing that soon! My friend A and I have been talking about moving somewhere awesome together for our year off before we adventure into grad school (PA school for me). So...we have a list. In the states: San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, NYC, or St. Louis. I would also love to spend my year in...drumroll...Haiti! Probably in Port au Prince or Les Cayes.
10. Do you have any reoccurring dreams?
I used to when I was a kid. It involved water somehow. I've blocked the rest from my memory.

Sorry for the lapse in blog posts. I will be returning to my regularly scheduled programing shortly. Actually, when has this blog ever been regularly scheduled? Hmmm... But now that I'm home from Jax and have two more exams under my belt (one yesterday, one earlier this morning) I'll have a bit of time to write more substantial things.

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