Why Ads?

- 11/20/10 -
I've now added Amazon ads. Anyone can click on these as many times as they want. I would make money if you actually purchase the item - kinda like commission. Right now I have "ads" in my left sidebar for a few books. I've read some and would like to read others. Check 'em out!

- 11/17/10 -
I just signed up for AdSense by Google. It's an experiment. I was sharing with a blogger about how I thought they should advertise on their blog to help get by. Neither of us had ever advertised on our blogs before and generally don't know how to do it. So I started poking around and looking for ideas. I decided to start simple and use the "Monetize" button they have on Blogger. I'm just going to see how much my dinky little blog can earn.

So what do you do with the money?
I doubt my blog will earn me any money with click-based ads but I want to let it run its course. Since it is a mere experiment to see how advertising works, I've decided that IF I make any money that it will go to fund missions trips. (I'm currently looking to go to Mexico with RUF this summer!) For the times that I'm not actively raising support, I plan to donate any money that I raise to missionaries.

So can I click on all of your ads and help support you?
I wish you could! Sadly, that's what they consider ad-fraud or click-fraud. Besides, it would skew the results of this mini experiment I'm running for myself. However, if you are truly interested in something an ad has to offer, go right ahead and click!!

Isn't it annoying to have ads on blogs? Why even put them on there?
I NEVER want to have offensive ads or ads that overpower the content of my blog. If you don't like the placement, frequency, or are simply offended by an ad TELL ME! I will do my best to change it, get rid of it, or, well, listen to suggestions. I don't want my blog to be overrun by ads!

Can I advertise on your blog?
Sure! If you'd like to advertise on my blog, please contact me at KEZ.SFJ@gmail.com. We can discuss rates, page hits, ad locations, and more.