Hey everyone! I'm KEZ and this is my blog, SFJ! Have you ever wondered if there is more to life than just daily work and play? If you've ever questioned why you're here or what your purpose is, I'm glad you have stopped by! I too have thought through these things...and continue to do so, hence the blog! This is a small window into my life as a sinner - someone who is imperfect, flawed, broken, and incapable of redeeming myself - following Jesus - both fully God and fully man who lived a perfect life as a savior to His children.

Yes, I suppose you could say this is a "christian" blog but you certainly don't have to be one to read it. I would argue that we're all in the same boat as imperfect people. Some of the things you doubt, question, or struggle with are probably things that I doubt, question, and struggle with too. So come read, discuss, learn, and grow with me.

A little bit about me, KEZ. I'm a student at the University of Florida (Go Gators!!!). I was born and raised in Florida (though I won't specify where, exactly) but my heart is shared with two other specific places: Wisconsin and Haiti. Random, I know! I love helping people and have a passion for clinical medicine - though this wasn't always the case. I am applying to Physicians Assistant schools currently. I wasn't raised in the church and I haven't read the whole bible (though I'm working on it). I don't think following God is a choice that I made, it is something that was gifted to me by the only One who can give it. Ummm...yea...I don't know what else to say about myself. If you have any questions, ask! You may or may not get an answer. ;)