Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My broken but beating heart

So...despite this post right here in which I make my future seem sure and solid, I do not know things. One of the things that I didn't know when typing that post is that a week and a half later I was to receive an email rescinding the offer for me to come to Haiti. I was not provided details as to why - I was merely told point blank.


So there it is: the news I've been avoiding blogging about, telling people about, and thinking about. But it's time. Time to rip off the bandaid that I slapped over my wounds and expose my broken heart to the world.

I've gone through a range of emotions - sadness, confusion, anger, bitterness - none of which I really want to detail out on my blog. But I do want to share the peace that has come out of crying out to God. It has taken many good friends and wise counsel for me to see God's goodness. No, I may not tangibly see the "good" yet but I'm ever reminded of His promises. And in faith, that is enough for now. His ways are not my ways. He knows the plans He has for me. He promises to continue the work He has begun in me unto completion.

So I take my broken but beating heart and I move forward. I seek His face and count it all joy. Joy a midst the sorrow. I do not know yet exactly where I am going or what I'll be doing but I know that in it all, I'll never be alone - my Savior will be with me every step of the way.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Shoes shoes shoes

I would never consider myself a "shoe person".  You know those stereotypical women who have a zillion shoes - mostly fancy high heels to go with their posh lifestyle and posh outfits. That's so not me. But I'm realizing that in another way, I actually am a shoe person.

I have a few high heels but they get one maybe once a year. I'm just too dang tall to wear them. Plus they hurt my feet, my knees, and my legs. Pain is not beauty in my eyes, that's for sure! Give me flip flops or give me death! Just kidding.

So how am I a shoe person, you ask? I have some unique shoes. They all have different looks, purposes, and styles. And I love them all!

My unique shoe collection began many many moons ago with a pair of Kinos. If you have heard of them, I'll give you a cookie. Or not. But they are a sandal/flip flop company in Key West, Fl. It used to be that you had to buy them straight from their sweatshop store in KW but now they have an online order thingy. I think that's cheating. My first pair were black Australiano flip flops bought directly from the store. They lasted me SIX years of almost daily use before they finally died. On my most recent trip to KW, I purchased two more pairs. I have a new brown pair of the Australiano (they don't make them in black anymore) and a seafoam blue pair of Lili flip flops. They're still pretty darn cheap but back in the day, you could get a pair for anywhere between $5 and $10. Love them!!

Taken in Gainesville, FL

Next came my TOMS. I'm pretty sure almost everyone has heard of TOMS by this point, but they're definitely still unique. I hopped on the bandwagon early with my one and only pair of TOMS. They're olive green and green/blue plaid. Again, they don't make this color anymore. They're super super comfy - feels like wearing slippers all day! But I wore them once in a torrential downpour and they haven't been the same since. They don't get a lot of use anymore, due to said water issue, but I'll still kick around in them from time to time. Plus, my purchase provided another someone in need with a new pair of shoes - how can you beat that?

Taken in Northern Wisconsin

Up next are my Chacos. They are probably my current favorite pair of shoes. I like to refer to them as my all-terrain sandals. They were on my feet for 2 weeks straight in Haiti (even in the shower!). They've held up to hiking, biking, river fording, and tons of walking on campus. One of my friends backpacked around Europe with only her Chacos! They're super adjustable with a single strap that weaves through the shoe...and they're is plenty of arch support for you over-pronators out there. There will always be debates about Tevas vs Keens vs Chacos and I'm hands-down on the Chaco side, all the way!

Taken in an airplane

Taken in Les Cayes, Haiti.

My newest addition to my shoe collection, and what is currently on my feet, are Vibram Five Finger Sprints. I've had them for 2 days so far and pretty much love them! They were definitely a bandwagon and impulse buy but so far I'm satisfied. My best friend has two pairs and finally convinced me they're not as silly as they look. My first ridiculously short run in them (to break them in) has left me with painfully sore calves but I've heard that's normal when learning to barefoot run.

Do you, my fair readers, own any of the above shoes? Do you have any unique shoes that you absolutely love? Any must-have shoes that never leave your feet? I wanna know...though my wallet might not ;)