Saturday, October 23, 2010


Have you, my loving readers, noticed the picture I have placed on my sidebar - M'renmen RoseLaure? If you havent, look to the right side of the screen. Smile. This is RoseLaure (and me). She is the sweet and wonderful girl whom I sponsor through RMI.

I cower from being one of those middle class Americans. So many people see those heartwrenching comercials, send in some money, and think they're justified in ignoring the rest of the poverty and problems.

Anyway, I sponsor RoseLaure. She's my girl. I met her when I was in Baraderes, Haiti in May. She is one of the "orphan" children who lives in the pastor's house. I say orphan in quotes because most Haitian orphans, in my experience, are not actually orphans. Most of them have parents, or at least aunts and uncles. The problem lies in the fact that the parents cannot afford to care for them.

Wow, I feel like I keep typing myself down rabbit holes. Sorry for that.

I met RoseLaure while I was living in the pastor's house for a few days. She is quiet and shy but she has a smile that shines as bright as the sun. I was in love. My first interaction with her, the pastor was trying to get us to guess her age. She's small and petite. I figured she couldn't be over the age of 10. Wrong. She's 14. I couldn't imagine the life she had lived that made her not grow. Every once and a while I'd run into her in the house. We didn't get much of a chance to interact because she was busy doing chores.

RoseLaure talking to one of the missionaries.

We got to meet all of the children who live in the pastor's house.
And they enjoyed a couple hours off from doing chores.

We were able to give these children a little baggie of gifts.
They each got mints, jolly ranchers, pencils, a pencil sharpener, and some small toys.

We saw her in the clinic briefly. Then one afternoon she was hanging out with her friends who live in the pastor's house with her. I was walking by the river and stopped to chat with them. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

"Hang out" time by the river. RoseLaure is on the right.

She's so adorable, don't ya think?

This picture makes me laugh. RoseLaure was so excited that her toothpaste made it into the picture.

It was bittersweet to leave Baraderes, especially because it would mean leaving a piece of my heart behind. Oh and yes, that is a barbie dress. At 14. And she doesn't care. That wouldn't happen here in the States.

When I came home from that trip I was moved to do something. I sent in my money (done through church because my church works closely with RMI) and requested RoseLaure. I knew it was unlikely that I actually got her but I could hope and pray. When it came time to pick up our sponsorship packets, I saw her face and I jumped up and down and squealed with joy!

I love being able to support her financially and help her in what small ways I can. I love being able to pray for her. I love being able to tell people about her. I love seeing a picture of her face pop up on my phone's background. I love her. I love her people. I love her country. So much love. I'm so glad that God's love for me is leading me to love so deeply that it overflows to RoseLaure. I'm so thankful for the mere opportunity to know this girl and love her.

Do you sponsor any children? Who do you sponsor them through? Have you met them? Do you love them?


  1. I found you through blogfrog. I love the pictures of RoseLaure and your beautiful post. I am adding your site to my blog honor roll at Grateful Heart.

  2. What a beautiful story! I don't currently sponsor a child but I am working to get my blog to where it will generate enough to support a child while bringing awareness of the need to more people. How awesome that you get to sponsor RoseLaure!

  3. @Patti - Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm honored to be added to your honor roll!

    @Audra - Thank you! I hope you get to embark on the sponsorship endeavor soon. It's wonderful!