Friday, October 15, 2010

My life be like

So apparently I'm really inconsistent when it comes to blogging. Some days (mostly when I'm avoiding studying...) I post a lot, comment other blogs, and really advertise my blog. Other days (spent at school, work, or, more likely, galavanting around town with friends) I barely have time to even check the stats on my blog. I mean, there's usually no reason to check the stats on my blog - it's fairly consistently at zero hits. Instead of throwing myself a pity party for this blog I can't seem to get off the ground, I'm going to tell you what "my life be like." (Have you guys ever heard that song? It's by GRITS. I am not what one would call a "hip hop person" but this song is catchy.)

Anyway, my life... 
has been consumed by school, yet again. Not really...but kinda. I had an anatomy exam on Thursday for which I had to memorize all of the bones and their structural characteristics along with the muscles and their origin, insertion, and action. Boy let me tell you, my brain was freaking out by Thursday. As much as it was annoying, it's probably going to be one of the most useful things I've academically learned in college. It has also been entertaining to randomly tap into this knowledge.

Friend: My abs hurt after doing {insert ridiculously crazy exercise class here}.
Me: Ooh, your rectus abdominus? Did you know that originates at your pubic crest and inserts at the xiphoid process of your sternum? Or maybe your internal and external obliques are what's hurting? By the way, how's your iliopsoas?
Friend: *rolls eyes*

Other than that I have a good story to share. On Wednesday I was feeling fairly inadequate. I was down about a recent grade and just doubting my ability to do well in school, get into a good PA school. I was seriously doubting even applying to PA school. I was telling myself I wanted to do missions work - who says I need to be a medical professional to do missions work? I discussed it briefly at prayer group and then got to talk to DRobb about it as we waited for the bus together. He is just so wise and encouraging yet practical. He basically said, why not try and if you don't get in/don't like it/fail out then you just end up at Plan B that you're considering anyway. Lightbulb! Then he also talked about missions and how it's one thing to be a missionary and it's another thing to be a missionary with a skill (i.e. medicine) to offer. Not that the former is bad by any means but it might be that much more useful to be the latter. Lightbulb!

Then later that night I was at Work#2 and we were slammed. We had back to back and double booked patients all night. I was working hard and getting stuff done and at the end of the night our last patient was a small child needing stitches. Having no other patients to work up, I was able to watch/help hold said screaming child. That was cool in itself but even cooler was hanging out with the doctor afterwards/cleaning up. We got to talking about what I wanted to do in life. I gave my little speech about taking a year off, looking at PA school, yadda yadda yadda (you have to give this speech a lot in college - everyone new you meet asks). But for some reason at the end I added "And ultimately, I'd like to do long-term missions work with it." The doctor broke into a huge smile and said "Oh, a girl after my own heart!" Apparently she does a lot of medical missions work in Zambia. She also goes to a great church in town and knows people at the church I go to. This prompted the two residents (one being hindu and the other a non-believer) to ask about our reason for missions. It was a wonderful segue into the joy and peace and longing to serve that comes with following God. The doctor (can you tell I'm avoiding the use of names) was so bold and just opened the conversation up without awkwardness. This is a feat I fail at. After we finished up our closing duties the doc and I walked out to our cars together and we continued chatting. Apparently she works with 6 other Christian doctors at a women own and run peds clinic. She also has a brother who is a surgeon and uses a PA (who is open to being shadowed) and a sister-in-law who is another pediatrician. Basically she opened up herself to be a wonderful resource to me.

So basically in the course of a single day, God used two wonderful and beautiful people to break me of my own self-depreciating mentality and build me up in Him. I was so amazed and on fire that I had to call a friend just to let my exuberance spill over into her life. I'm pretty sure I didn't stop smiling all night - even as I was studying!

<3 KEZ

PS: Wonderful Autumn post coming up soon - including pictures!!


  1. Awesome :)
    -Kate S.

  2. Sounds like a pretty good Wednesday to me :) I'm glad to hear you not only ran into a doctor who does exactly the same type of things you're looking at, but also got to explain why to others.

  3. I can identify with your blog and exercise frustrations. I think you're doing a great job though, and I'm jealous you're coordinated enough to Zumba. :-) Isn't it cool when God encourages us the way He did you? Thanks for sharing that. Our church has a team in Haiti right now. Who knows, they may be wishing they had people with your medical skills. Have you read about Dr. Paul Farmer? Remember Jeremiah 29:11. God bless you!

  4. Thanks Kate and DRobb! God is so good!

    @AquaJane: Just because I go to Zumba doesn't mean I'm good at Zumba. It certainly is fun though! Where is the team that's in Haiti right now? Who did they go with? I have indeed heard of Paul Farmer. Reading Mountains Beyond Mountains (a secular book on most accounts) is what God used to stir my heart and soon had me yearning to see, feel, and LOVE Haitian people myself.

    Thanks for the encouragement! =)