Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

Have you guys ever heard of Operation Christmas Child? I'm 95% sure you have. I've heard of it again and again, year after year. I've never participated before. I never really thought about poverty, 3rd world countries, or really anything besides myself until I came to college. Then in college I've justified my lack of giving by being a "poor college kid." This year when it was announced in church something stirred in my heart. I knew that I was going to fill a box this year. I realized that while I may be poor by America's standards, I'm still filthy rich in the standards of the world. (And beyond material possessions, I've also been made spiritually rich by the blood of the Lamb who was slain!!!)

So I went shopping. I decided to consider prices as I went but not make them a deciding factor on any particular item/type of item. I work two jobs, I can afford rent, I am able to buy food for myself, I even splurge on items every once and a while. I HAVE ROOM TO GIVE!!!

I decided on putting together a box for a 10-14 year old girl. RoseLaure, my sweet sponsored child, is 14. While I know she won't be getting my box...or possibly any box for that was easier for me to buy things I knew she liked, needs, and would fit into. Plus, I figured other people like to buy cute baby things and little kid toys. They've got those age ranges covered. I hope.

This is what I bought: A pink skirt, a purple butterfly shirt, three boxes of candies, two toothbrushes, toothpaste, a bar of soap, two wash cloths, cute girly pencils, a pencil sharpener, markers, a pad of drawing paper, and a paddle ball.
I had every intention of going back out and getting some more things - a jump rope, a stuffed animal, and other miscellaneous fun things. Unfortunately, as I packed the things I had bought from my first shopping trip I soon realized the box was out of space. I was really sad I couldn't put more in it but I'm glad I was able to fit what I did already have.
Next, you're supposed to wrap your box. It's not a requirement but it just makes it a little more Christmassy. I, however, don't own wrapping paper. I have a few miscellaneous birthday gift bags but those, clearly, would not do! So I had to be creative.

What college girl doesn't own puffy paint? I decided to puffy paint the lid. I hope the girl who receives this box likes it! Bondye beni ou means God bless you in Creole.

This side says Fete Nwel or Merry Christmas in Creole.
So I turned my box in at the church office and we prayed over them as a congregation this past Sunday. As a church we collected over 230 boxes! They're all going to Haiti! This makes my heart joyous and I hope it makes the kids joyous!!!


  1. I love that you were able to squeeze some clothes in are going to make a girl in Haiti so very happy!

  2. The clothes were probably my favorite part! They were both on the clearance rack at Target so I couldn't pass it by. =) I hope she enjoys everything!

    Unrelated but...when do you leave for Zimbabwe? How long will you be there? What will you be doing? I'm so excited for you - and a little jealous! =)

  3. I am going to be in Zimbabwe Dec. 18th- Jan. 7th.

    I worked for a non-profit in 2006-2007, and they partner with a local woman there (Tecla) who does ministry with widows and orphans, as well as visiting/feeding/praying for the sick in the understaffed hospitals. One of her biggest things is placing orphans into homes, but often times the families that take them in are poor, so Tecla helps fill in the gaps of the needs they cannot meet. I lived there for over 4 months in 06-07, just working alongside Tecla in ministry, as well as raising money for some needs that Tecla couldn't meet.

    I am going back mainly for a visit (I miss the kids so much!) and to encourage Tecla, but I will also be taking in some supplies as well as trying to work out a plan of how we can support her better (its so hard to get stuff/money into her...the gov takes pretty much everything).

    Sorry, that seemed like a long explanation :)

  4. Thats so exciting. It seems like a very intimate way to get involved and really love on the kids and Tecla! It's encouraging to hear that you have such a heart for them and are going back to visit! =)

  5. Haven't done this yet -I hope we still have time. I love the idea. My daughter's pre-school is participating. Love your blog title. Me too. :-)
    Checking you out from BF.

  6. @Creative Chaos - Today is the last day of box drop off. I hope you made it in time! If not, there's always next year. =)