Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today I have a cold. Yes, a cold.

I've spent the day sitting around my apartment being lazy - watching TV, poking around on the internet, and texting friends. I was thinking about how great it is that its a Saturday and I don't have to worry about dragging my snotty self to class...or anywhere, really. How awesome is it that I have no huge exams to study for and that I can truly rest. is that I can be grateful for these things and not even think about everything else that I'm taking for granted?!? I have a TV, internet, food in the fridge, a comfortable bed, a secure apartment, and cold medicine. I can take a day (or more) to chill comfortably when others can't. There are people in the world who are fighting to survive. There are people out there who have colds (or cholera or tuberculosis, or HIV, or malaria...) yet can't sit at home and chill. They have to fight to find work, earn money, feed themselves, you know, survive.

Basically, I'm selfish. And a weenie. How is this right?


  1. I'm a weenie too. I've been having a series of health problems the last year or so, and I always think how hard it would be if I didn't have the medication I need...And I know so many people live their everday lives with much worse things. And you are right, they work hard. They have to.

    Although we don't know "why us", we definitely have so much to be thankful for.

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm such a weenie too, especially when I'm sick. I find that I whine about all kinds of things, and sometimes, nothing at all. I too easily forget how easy I have it being American, living in the US. I remember reading that most of the world lives on less than $3 a day. And I complain about being "poor" because I can't buy a new pair of shoes?!

    I was reading your discussions in the SITs forum about adds and SEO, and then saw your blog title. I had to check it out: I love finding other Christian bloggers! And who knew, you have an interest in Haiti too! I've never been there, I would love to go on a missions trip someday, but for now, I just try to raise money for relief efforts. By the way, your Amazon links look great. I'm not a fan of Ad Sense myself, I don't like how random the adds are. Be sure to ask Audra about affiliate stores and such, she got me started too! She's super helpful and really sweet. I'd try to answer any questions you have too, but I'm still pretty new at it :)

  3. Hello! I'm sorry your not feeling well. Yes, we do have it well and sometimes we forgot.

    I'm glad you came buy because I haven't been feeling close enough to God. I've missed a lot of church..and I know I shouldn't. Sometimes just reading about others and seeing what they are doing is very helpful.

    Right before my dad passed away he became a Christian and went to Haiti on a mission trip. He was a very changed man. When he went there he was given a list of things to bring (own linen, extra shoes for working, etc.), when he came back it was with an empty suitcase and only the clothes on his back.

    I hope you are well soon!

  4. @Rebecca - I'm sorry to hear about health problems of any kind! I hope and pray things are getting better! It is hard to think about "why me/us" but it's easier to grasp when I remember it's all God's anyway. The things I have are gifts. Nothing to have "white guilt" about but rather to help put things into perspective and turn it all back to God.

    @Emily - Thank you for stopping by! I love stumbling on other Christian blogs too. It's like a breath of fresh air! =) Missions trips aren't for everyone but I think if God puts the desire in your heart to go on one, you should jump at the chance! I know everyone says it but seeing God work in a different culture and country will blow your mind. It will change your life. Thank you for the SEO tips, by the way!! =)

    @Carli - I must confess that I missed church this week too. I told myself that it was because I'm sick but deep down I know it was just laziness and wanting to sleep in. We've all gone through it. I encourage you to get back to church - we skippers can do it! That's so good to hear about your dad! It's funny how you can go on a missions trip expecting to work and do things for other people (which is true) but YOU are the one who ends up changed as God works on you. I too left most of my suitcase behind, too. It's just so hard not to!

    PS: Yes, I'm feeling much better! Just waiting for the snot to recede, if you care to know. =P