Saturday, November 27, 2010

It smells like "Thankful"

Last Fall my roommate bought a candle called "Thankful". Every time one of us walked in the door we'd say "it smells like thankful in here!" It kinda became an apartment inside joke.

Anyway, this Thanksgiving it may not smell like thankful but I'm definitely full of thankfulness. The RUF thanksgiving dinner is one of my favorite things all year. After we finish filling ourselves with delicious food we pass a microphone and share what we are thankful for and how God is working. It's probably my favorite tradition. I wish we did something like it at home with my family - it's definitely something I want to do when I have a family of my own. I love hearing stories from everyone of how they've been struggling, growing, being encouraged, learning, and how it all points back to God.

I am thankful for how God always guides me and leads me. He is gentle yet He is firm. I may wander, I may be lukewarm, and I may fall to pieces but He always calls me back, lights my fire, and puts me back together. He puts people in my life to talk to me, encourage me, and pray for me. He gives me scripture to read over - letting me know HIM even more.

I'm also thankful for the heart He's given me. That in His love, I am able to love others. It may be an imperfect love this side of Heaven but it's a small taste of His love.

PS: Sorry this is such a delayed Thanksgiving post...I was enjoying family time and didn't want to take the time to write.

PPS: GO GATORS!!! Beat the 'Noles!!!

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