Friday, November 19, 2010

Keep Runnin' Runnin' and Runnin' Runnin'...

So I've begun a new endeavor. It's exciting and yet so very scary.

I'm making myself become a runner!!

If you know me you'll know that I'm relatively active but don't like to run. The thought of running any sort of distance makes me cringe. However, I have some dear sweet friends who recently ran a half marathon and another friend training for her first ever 5K. Maybe I'm a copycat but I'd rather say I've been inspired. Plus I've come to realize that I am not as fit as 1) I used to be and 2) would like to be. My body is supposed to be a temple, right? I need something consistent that I can push myself to do.

If you looked at my recent Google inquiries you'll find silly things like "how to start running" and "how to become a runner." I know NOTHING about running. I know that when I've tried to run in the past I usually get stitches in my side, have trouble breathing, and vow to never run again.

I poked around on the internet and found this (see below) lovely week-by-week guide to running. I'm referring to it lovingly as my "training program" HAHAHA! Basically I don't want to kill my body and turn myself off to running (more than I already am) by pushing it too hard too soon. This guide seems to start out nice and easy.

If any of you out there are runners, could you take a look and let me know what you think. Any revisions you'd make? I'm open to any tips or suggestions (or encouragement)! I'd also love it if you could help keep me accountable - make sure I'm doing it. Thanks!

Here's How:
  1. Get medical clearance from your doctor before you get started.
  2. Getting the right running shoes for your foot typeis crucial for comfort and injury prevention . Visit a running store to get expert advice on buying the right running shoes .
  3. Before you start your workouts, make sure youwarm up properly by walking for 5-10 minutes. You should always end your workout with a cooldown.
  4. Week one: Walk for 6 minutes, then jog at an easy pace for 1 minute. Repeat 3 times. Aim for three sessions with that same sequence for week one.
  5. Week two: Walk for 5 minutes, then jog for 2 minutes. Repeat 3 times. Aim to do three sessions in week two.
  6. Week three: Walk for 3 minutes, then jog for 4 minutes. Repeat 4 times. Aim for four sessions in week three.
  7. Week four: Walk for 2 minutes, then jog for 5 minutes. Repeat 4 times. Shoot for four of those sessions in week four.
  8. Week five: Walk for 2 minutes, then jog for 8 minutes. Repeat 3 times. Do four of those sessions in week five.
  9. Week six: Walk for 2 minutes, then jog for 9 minutes. Repeat 3 times. Try to do four sessions for week six.
  10. Week seven: Walk for 1 minute, then jog for 11 minutes. Repeat 3 times. Do four sessions this week.
  11. Week eight: Congratulations on making it to week eight! For your first run this week, try walking for 5 minutes to begin and end the workout, and run for 20 minutes in between. By the end of the week, try to run for 30 minutes without stopping
  12. Aim to run for 30 minutes four times a week, and you'll notice that your stamina and fitness will continue to improve. Soon you'll be ready to run your first 5K!


  1. Good list! At 39 I started running (never like it before) and made my goal to run 5 5k's in 2009. I hit 40 that year and decided my 2010 goal would be a 1/2mar which I did in May. YOU CAN DO IT! The best advice I got, from some very avid runners was:
    1) strengthen your core. on off days, so a pilates DVD. It REALLY helped once I crossed the 6-7 mile mark on runs. was getting lower back aches. it helps your posture which helps ALL aspects, incl more full breathing

    2) change your sneakers out twice as much as you think you need to-- the cushioning in soles takes a beating

    3) when you add hills (or if you have them near you like me so they're unavoidable)-- whenever you feelout of breath, turn around & run a stride or two backwards. Breaks the view for a sec by showing you how far you've already come. That powers you thru!

    Good luck!

  2. 5 5K's in one year? And here I am hoping I can even do one! Congrats on the half!!! Thank you for the tips - I'll have to look into a Pilates DVD/class. Do you have any that you recommend? Along with "becoming a runner" I'm also trying to improve my overall health and fitness (sounds like a high school gym class...)so pilates sounds good to me!

  3. hi Kez, nice to meet a new Runner.
    Here is hoping I can help. IF i can run, then anyone can run!! that's for SURE!!
    Lets address some of the questions you left on my blog;

    I was looking at your plan and I think that 2min Run might be a bit much for wk 2. When I first decided to run I started with this plan , it has you running only 90sec and walking 2min in wk 2... that might be better.

    Running to me does NOT come easy, there were days where I didn't think I could finish the session. I found that a mantra really helped. Find your mantra. At first mine was "don't Die, Don't Die" and then it because " pain is temporary, quitting is forever"
    Writing the blog really helped, it kept me motivated and honest.
    Trust me that once you go from running 5min to running 7min things will change completely and when you could have NEVER imagined yourself running 7min or even 5min you will do it with no problem. After that it will just come naturally.
    Don't rush it! if you need to redo a week then do so!!

    Breathing, I think maybe you are running too fast, slow it down, think about something relaxing. You should be able to have a conversation while your running, if you can't then you're running to fast. Listen to music. My breathing was like that too at first but once you build endurance it will fall into place.

    I find that what I eat before I run really makes a big difference, so now I always have a Banana with Peanut butter about 1hr before I run and it gives me that extra kick i need. I also try to make sure I get enough water before I run.

    I would only run 3 times a week with a Core Workout every other day.

    Hang in there, I promise it will get easier! You can Do it!!
    I think I covered it all but let me know if you have any more questions.
    I'm here if you need me!

    Believe in yourself!!

  4. so i saw your post on incourage and dont know how to reply, no your no a weenie i just started running and a woman bodybuilder who is 74 lives in my neighbor shes in the guiness book, im 35 y took her class and nearly passed out, it takes time if they can do it surely we can too.