Monday, February 7, 2011

First Ever Blog Award!

Thank you so much to Praises of a Wife and Mommy who gave my my first ever blogging award!

Here are 7 fun facts about me:

1. I have an infatuation with Haiti. It's not even a me thing - it's totally a God thing. Go see my How I Fell in Love With Haiti page for details... If you want, of course.
2. I have lived in Florida for my entire life but I have a good mix of cultures because my parents are both northerners (from Wisconsin). Go Packers!
3. I love JESUS...because He loved me first. (Had to steal one of your "facts"'s just too good!)
4. I'm ridiculously excited to graduate college and enter the "real world". I'm less afraid than I thought I would be - especially considering I have no clue what I'm doing. But my faith is in the Lord and He knows the plans He has for me.
5. I like cleanliness but don't care about clutter. I like to call my room "organized chaos"
6. I got a cat for my 8th birthday. Her name is Fluffy. I love her even though she's fickle and ornery.
7. I've never been a giver of nicknames but I've managed to collect quite a few. (Note: my blogging name "KEZ" actually was born from a nickname of mine) And I love calling other people by their nicknames. =)

There are some rules that go along with this. 

1. You have to Thank the person who awarded you & Link them back in your post

2. Tell Everyone 7 random facts about yourself

3. Pass the award on to 15 new found bloggers

4. Contact each blogger and let them know you've passed the award on to them, & let the "giver" know you accept the award.

Here are some bloggers that I want to give the award to that I have recently found and like a lot! (In no particular order)

1. Be Joyful Always
2. Greetings from Guatemala
3. Eat drink and be Jesus
4. Life Between the Trees
5. Losing Brownies
6. Saved by Love Creations
7. Scribbles From Emily
8. She Becomes...
9. Somewhere Between Where I Was and Who You're Making Me
10. Trying to Throw My Arms Around the World
11. What if I Stumble and Make Fools of Us All?
12. Love U More Than Anything...
13. Hyperbole and a Half
14. This Is Me...
15. Livesay [Haiti] Weblog


  1. Thanks KEZ! My first blog award as well! Yay us! :)

  2. Kez, thank you!!! Also my first ever blogger award :-)

    And I love your blog! We have the whole heart in Haiti thing in common :-)

  3. Woohoo! Thanks! I accept, but is there a time limit? It may take me a few days.

  4. Congrats on the blogging award! And thanks for my award, too. :)

  5. Thank you for giving me such an honor!!

  6. Thank you so much Kez! I really appreciate it!

  7. You're welcome everyone!

    @Rebecca - take your time =)

  8. Hey, I finally did this! Told you is would take a few days :) haha.