Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bug Day Wednesday

If you've been paying close attention, you'll notice that bugs have been on my radar a lot more recently. Ewww. Why? Well, I'll tell you.

I'm taking Principles of Entomology. Again, why? That's a little harder to explain. Uh, sure. I'll have you know that I'm required to take Science Electives, you know, from a list. Oh that sucks. Tell me about it. Nothing I really wanted to take was being offered this Spring so I just picked the ones that sounded easiest and somewhat fun. Bugs? Fun? What were you thinking?

Maybe I should stop having a conversation with myself before all of you out in internet land judge me for 1. taking a bug class and 2. talking to myself. I'm normal, I promise!

Anyway, for my bug class I'm required to catch, kill, and pin 55 different bugs. I turn my collection in for grading at the end of the semester.

Let me just tell you that when the first bug I caught (besides the lady bug I found in my friend's bathroom, randomly) was a big fat cockroach, there was a lot of screaming involved. My roommate J can testify. My heeby jeeby tolerance can only handle so much.

So every Wednesday I plan to update you on my collection. Why? Because I will not suffer enjoy this alone. Plus it will be motivation for me to go out and collect scream. If I have to post updates to share with you guys, I won't want to disappoint you with no new creepy crawlies.

But fear not, I love my readers too much to just make you dive head first into the world of ick like I was foreced allowed to. I'm going to put all pictures behind under the cut (Read More link). But really, they're not so bad. So take a peek.

Here there are, folks...

This is an immature beetle.


  1. BUGS! YUK! Nice dollection. Blessings

  2. eeek, I can't handle bugs. No WAY could I catch them. lol Good luck on your bug adventure & hopefully you'll get a great grade.