Monday, February 7, 2011

31DBBB Starts Today!

Hey everyone out in internet-land! Today is the first day of 31DBBB by ProBlogger. Feel free to join in!!!

Today we're creating an "elevator pitch". Basically it's a summary statement of a blog that is short (enough to be said on an elevator ride) and to the point. I didn't exactly know what to do for my "elevator pitch" so I took the time to write my About KEZ/SFJ page.

I've been wanting to write my "about me" page since I started months ago. I just lacked the motivation to do it. And here it is on day 1!

It's elevator length...if you're going to the 20th floor. Ha! I just couldn't summarize easily. Can't put God in a box, right?

So yea, I guess this is where I ask you to check it out and give me feedback. What do you think? Too long? Too boring? Too rambling? Let me know! I want to know...I think.


  1. I think it looks great! I'd love it if u check mine out too.. I'm doing the challenge at SITS as well :)

  2. I'll go check yours out now! I'm excited to get going with this challenge! =)

  3. It reads great! I think I just might have to join in on this as well!

  4. Hey! I like that you have an about page now. I visited your site awhile ago, but usually the first thing I do is click on an 'about' page so i can learn about the person. But there wasn't I left.

    But don't be mad...because I'm back. :)

    I also love Haiti. It's Haiti's fault that I am where I am right now. (been there a few times on medical mission trips)

  5. Hi KEZ! I really liked how you responded to those who may be reading your About Me page with the thought that they aren't Christian. It was a good non-threatening statement and would make people continue to read. It was also nice to throw some humor in there and it read like someone was talking to you instead of a text book biography. Great start!

  6. @Jenny G - Thanks for the input! Feel free to join in with the links above! =)

    @Suz - Sorry it took me so long to get it up. Glad you came back!! It's always good to "meet" new people who share a passion for Haiti. I was there in May '10 for a medical mission trip. Love it!

    @Caren - Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement! I'm glad it comes off non-threatening. That's the last thing I want! When I get the chance I'll pop on over to your blog and check it out, too! =)