Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh the day I've had...

This is a story about how God is good and I am stupid. Actually, it's mostly about how God is good. Me being stupid comes at the end.

6:45am saw me standing in flip flops scraping ice off my car windshield. And you thought the stupid was supposed to come later... Anyway, yes, this cold morning was RUF's ministry team meeting. We meet weekly to go over RUF things and to minister to one another. We're going through the Shorter Catechism. (No, fyi, I am not doing Doctrine Thursday without outside instigation) Today (as you will read about once I post this week's Doctrine Thursday) was all about who God is. It lead to some great discussion and I could really feel God moving. It's amazing to see how even the simplest of statements can imply and mean so much about God and who He is in us and for us.

After that I went home and did some last minute review before my exam at 9:30. Thankfully that went well and I had roughly 2 hours to grab lunch and do a last minute review for my second exam of the day. During that time I met some cool Portuguese girls (which I tweeted about...see left). My second exam also went fairly well.
 Then was my four hour ecology lab which passed uneventfully - unless, of course, you count mixing up the data and having to re-do half of your graphs...

A friend texted me and invited me to coffee to chat, catch up, and discuss the scripture we've been reading (we're both doing the same reading plan). We met up and enjoyed good coffee and good conversation. We were both so exhausted from long days that we couldn't delve into the meat of things but it was great to just discuss how God has been working in our lives, some of the cool points we've noticed from the reading, and just what's going on in our lives. It was refreshing.

On my way home an email pops up on my phone. I quickly check it at a red light and see that my boss has emailed out the February work schedule. Enter stupid me. I was scheduled for every Thursday in February. The Thursday shift has a full ONE HOUR overlap with one of my classes (yes, the four hour lab I mentioned earlier). I completely forgot to bring it up when I emailed her my availability for the month. Doh. I immediately PANICKED to say the least and quickly wrote an extremely apologetic email to my boss for such a huge mistake. I pray it goes over well and the schedule can get changed easily. God can smooth ruffled feathers, right?

So in the throes of a full blown freak out session I get a call from a truly dear friend of mine. We don't get to catch up much since he is getting married in March and is quite busy so I quickly accepted the call. Of course I told him the story and continued to freak out to him. His first response: prayer. DUH! Stupid me was too busy freaking out to even stop and pray over it. (See how small my faith can be?) So he consoled me and pointed me back to Christ and His ultimate plan. Then he shared a funny and similar story to mine. Short version: he forgot to tell his brand new boss (praise God for a new job!) about his wedding and honeymoon - only a month and a half away! Thankfully his boss was entirely accommodating and it all worked out. But anyway, in the midst of my small faith, woes, and worry, God provided. My friend called at just the right time and shared wisdom and guidance. It's no coincidence.

Further, my class tomorrow got cancelled. God really is good! =)

And since it's 11:30 - a full 17 hours since I rolled out of bed at 6:30am (yes, a mere 15 minutes before I was found freezing my toes off outside - I really like to hit the ground running on these long sleepily drag myself to the car...) I should go post this week's Doctrine Thursday and then hit the hay.

Hope you all have had a less rollercoaster-resembling day...though as equally (or more so) full of God's goodness!


  1. I hope things work out with your job! Glad your exams went well. Why is it that it's so easy to forget to pray about things, before worrying ourselves sick? I need a tatoo on my arm that says: Stop And Pray.

  2. Thank you! I'm still waiting to hear from my boss...

    I don't know why we forget to pray. A tattoo may be in order. Or maybe a big stamp on our foreheads. {Written backwards to see it in the mirror, of course}