Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Night for HOPE

What is the hope we can all cling to?

A little while ago I was invited to an event on Facebook. I had heard about the event last year, I treasure the friend who invited me, and I was semi-interested in going. I clicked "Maybe attending". I didn't write it into my planner. I didn't program it into my phone. I forgot about it. As the date drew near I noticed more and more people I knew planning to attend. I once again checked out the event and daringly changed my RSVP to "attending". But again, I forgot about it.

After class yesterday a new friend of mine, we shall call her Swan, asked if I was going. I stared at her blankly and said " what?" She told me of the event and I hung my head in shame for forgetting...again.

So with new resolve I programmed the event in my phone and told myself I was going. The day went on and I got a little reminder on my phone at 6:30. I sighed, hit snooze on the reminder and continued putsing around on the computer. Finally, at 7pm (the time the event began) I scrambled out the door. I turned in my lamest, least valuable used textbook at the door (the entrance fee was to bring a used textbook) and walked inside. I briefly chatted with my treasured friend who had invited me initially on Facebook. She was very pleased that I was there. I wandered around and found some friends...still shamefully clinging to some skepticism for the whole night. We found our seats and the night got started.

A Night for HOPE is basically a benefit concert for an organization at UF called HOPE. It's a group of students with hearts for those who seemingly have no hope. People living all over the globe in poverty and pain.They are students with passion, love, and a desire to serve. So what is the hope that they share? It's the gospel...the good news...Jesus Christ, our Savior. Real HOPE!

So I sat there listening to the first musician and watching the slideshow of pictures and my heart was being broken over and over again. God wanted me there. He wanted to break me of my selfishness. He wanted to break my heart for what breaks His. He brought me out of myself and into where He wanted me.

The whole night, from then on was just a night of uplifting hope. I'm not one who cries easily but I found myself tearing up. All of the musicians were rock solid and their lyrics were so true and God-oriented. If you want, check out Peter Lebhar on iTunes. All proceeds from his song "Who Will?" go to support HOPE's partnership in Magambua, Tanzania.

I was moved by story after story of God working in far-off places. People getting dirty and getting messy to bring hope to people. To serve people and also to learn. My friend Swan was emceeing and I was laughing so hard and yet so filled with compassion with her stories. Hearing Paul Emory from the US Office for World Missions was growing as he challenged us to "go!" and finish the work placed before us.

Anyway, all this to say, what are YOU placing your hope in? Is your hope in yourself? Is it in your job? Is it in your government? Is it in your ability to please others? Is it in your health? Is it in your financial status? OR...Is it in JESUS CHRIST the one who is HOPE within himself? Are you sharing that hope? Do you sing it from the rooftops and declare it from your soul?

Maybe we should.

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