Sunday, September 26, 2010

Let the ramblings begin...

So life...

It's great! Actually, it is busy, full, hectic, happy, crazy, joyful, mayhem-ous (yes I made that word up), and GREAT! God really is good. He is glorified in our work and He is praised in our fellowship. I am glad that He is the one who holds things together - I certainly am sucky at doing that on my own.

Lately I feel like I am over stretching myself in my responsibilities. But then at the same time I am completely content in where God has me right now, even if it's a little, well...see above. I'm working two jobs, going to school full time, and participating in extra curricular activities including RUF's ministry team. That's not even counting keeping up with my friends and family - all of whom I adore! OH! And now blogging!

I'm not going to lie to you and say I don't get stressed and overwhelmed at times. I'm quite open about my stress level - it often expresses itself in exasperated, unintelligible noises. I appologize plead for forgiveness from all of those who have had the erm, pleasure of experiencing this.

Anyway, before I get stressed by the mere thought of being stressed (sigh), I'm going to move on. God has given us work and it is good. He Himself did work - the universe wasn't created with a blink of an eye (Genesis 2:2)! He told Adam and Eve to do work - cultivate the earth and subdue it (Genesis 2:15). So now we modern Christians continue to do work. It may be different work between then and now and between different people but it is all rooted in furthering the Kingdom of God. Teachers work with our children and provide them with knowledge; engineers build, create, and analyze the tools used in living, doctors (and PA's!) work to learn about the human body (that was created in the image of God, mind you) and how to heal. These are only a few examples and probably don't even apply to all of you (if I even have readers) reading this...but is good!

So, working yourself into a whirlwind of stress is a good thing? NO! We serve a God of work but he is also (and possibly even more so) a God of rest. I for one am thankful that God rested on that 7th day (Genesis 2:3). We have a Sabbath Day to spend time in the word, fellowshipping with friends, and maybe even taking a nap. I'm not always great about not working on Sunday - sometimes I let my stress get the better part of me. I'm working on it! But beyond a single day of rest, we Christians are in a perpetual state of rest in our Savior. Have you ever noticed that "there was evening and there was morning" is MISSING from the 7th day of rest? Well I suppose it's not missing per say - God didn't just lose it. It is intentional. We are able to fully rest 24/7 in God. He is a relational God, one who knows His children intimately. We can go to Him with our problems and seek comfort and REST.

So who else is grateful that they serve a God of work AND rest? I know I am! It takes the control out of my hands. I'm not working for myself - I'm working for the Kingdom. I'm not resting in my own merits/having it all together - I'm resting in a God who DOES have it all together. He is in control! Does it get any better than that? I think not...

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  1. I think you are doing a wonderful and very generous thing her Kristen. Not everyone is properly equipped to be this candid and show their 'warts'. In fact most bloggers use the opportunity for self aggrandizement.

    We need to be constantly reminded of what He has done for us, to keep our sense of perspective. It sounds like you have a great view, and I look forward for continuing to hear your ramblings.