Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is this real life?

Despite my previous post and me having the faith smaller than a teaspoon, I am on the road to Haiti. Thanks be to God!

Many of you know about my most recent trip to Haiti. For those who don't, please read these here four posts but also know that I was traveling primarily to learn about the organization (MTI) that I might be spending 10 months working with. The Lord taught me a great number of things in those short two weeks I was there. I faced some gigantic decisions that seemed insurmountable. But here I am, ME...planning to move to Haiti in August.

Had anyone asked me any number of years ago if I would be a missionary, I most certainly would have laughed in their face. I'm the queen of comfortable. I love air conditioning, hot showers, ice cream, and pillow-top mattresses. Oh and a bug-free home! And yet here I am, willing to happy to give these things up for this calling. A true testament of how God loves to break us from ourselves!

This next year will certainly bring great struggles and pains but I have no doubt that it will come with great joy and love. I will be living in Les Cayes, Haiti (on the southern peninsula) and working in the hospital at Cite Lumiere. In the back of the first floor is the PT/rehabilitation clinic in which I will work most often. Upstairs and in the front is the inpatient hospital, where I will see burn patients and do wound care, along with hopefully seeing/helping with a myriad of other things.

I will be working with teams from America but I will be, more excitedly, working with Haitian clinicians as well. I hope to spread the message of joy and hope to those that don't know it or don't understand it. I pray for God to be working and doing big things in Haiti. And I desire to be just a small part of that!

There still are many details to be hammered out. And the huge support raising task still looms in my future. But there it is folks. Haiti awaits. Is this real life?

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