Friday, June 17, 2011

Back to it?

So I've ended up with a decent amount of "spare time" on my hands lately - working nights and having friends who are busy during the daytime. With all of this time I've been doing a whole lot of NOT cleaning my room, which is still a disaster area and half-unpacked from Haiti. TV doesn't capture my attention for very long and Facebook can only be refreshed so many times before I go crazy.

So I'm officially un-officially blowing the dust off of my blog and getting back to it. I recently stumbled upon and was inspired by Taryn at A Peine For Your Thoughts. I just wish I were even a smidgen as funny as she is. Guys, I just am boring! Inspired yet boring - what a conundrum!

So what's a young, not a wife, not a mom, not a anything (yet) girl to write about? I can only write about my cat so many times before people start calling me the old cat lady of the future...though the title might be deserved! ;) I can't update you on future Haiti plans, quite yet, though I promise that I will update you as soon as I can! My photography skills still suck and I'm sure you don't want to look at pictures of inanimate objects while I figure out all of the newfangled buttons and knobs, anyway. Hmmm...

Hope I come up with something, soon! But in the mean time, here's a penny for your thoughts! Ha!

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