Monday, September 3, 2012


So the Summer Olympics have come and gone...a while ago. BUT! I love the Olympics, so I'm bringing it up again. I just need to say that I discovered my love for watching women's soccer this year. The USWNT (gold medalists, btw) is AWESOME! I may be a little obsessed with Megan Rapinoe (midfielder)right now - she's just so cool!! She is energetic, fun-loving, knows how to be herself, and has some major soccer skillz! I may or may not have gotten her haircut, too. Minus the bleach blonde! Abby Wambach (forward) is a beast! She also went to University of Florida, which is my University if you didn't know. That makes her doubly awesome! I also really like Heather O'Reilly (midfielder) because she is hilarious - seriously, just youtube search her name! And Tobin Heath (midfielder) because she seems so quiet but really she is so sarcastic and witty. Plus she loves Jesus, which is awesome!! And Amy LePeilbet (defender) 'cause she also has awesome hair that mine now looks like.

I also signed up to play intramural soccer this semester because of their inspiration. Did I mention that I absolutely SUCK at soccer? Well, here goes nothing!


  1. Megan Rapinoe is from Redding, where I lived for several years, and is one of my favorite places on earth (which might be weird, but whatever). Anways, extra cool points for her in my book. And, I want to see the haircut!

  2. That's awesome! She could have seen you and not even known it! ;) Never been to Cali, myself. I want to go one day!

    I'll have to snap some decent photos of myself and make a blog entry about it...when I find the time.