Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back at it...

So after a few weeks of a break...I am back to running. I know what you're just started and you already took a break?

*hangs head in shame*

Yes. I stopped running for a while. I skipped a day to study for an exam. Then I bowed out the next day telling myself I wanted to stay on my every other day schedule. But then it all fell to pieces. My "do it tomorrow" lost all chances of happening. I got busy and my motivation went out the window.

This is upsetting because I really do want to get into it.

I dragged my butt through the slump and now I hope I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm afraid my car has logged more miles than my tennis shoes with the amount of driving I'm doing over the break BUT I think I'm going to get my rhythm back soon.

I got a new ipod armband and Nike+ sensor to run with. It's been fun to play with and track my run today. I think it will keep me motivated as I get back into it. Being able to see the stats afterwards is entertaining, for sure! Maybe I'll be able to at a run log on my sidebar. You guys can cheer me on as I sluggishly drag my butt around my neighborhood. Or not. Whichever.


  1. The Nike Sensor seems really cool. A friend of mine uses one and it always posts on facebook. It makes me interested in getting one!

  2. It's pretty nifty so far. Once I get a better grasp on what I like/don't like about it I'll probably write a post.

    Are you a runner too? I know you're busy with The Boy and do you find the time to fit a work out/run in?