Monday, April 25, 2011

Plane tickets...check

So after a few complications that delayed the official purchase of my plane tickets, I now have my tickets! I fly out of Miami on May 15 and I return on May 27! I will be there for a total of 13 days! I'm downright stoked!

I'm so thankful my boss was able to transfer my shifts around to my co-workers to allow me to go for so long! Definitely was God's doing! Scheduling never seems to work out quite this nicely.

I just emailed the two women I'll be flying with. I've never met them before so I hope we get along and can work our way through the Port-au-Prince airport without any major problems! I have to admit that I'm the most nervous about connecting with the MTI staff member who comes to pick us up from the airport.

That and getting sick. I can handle most illnesses without a problem but I really super duper ABHOR vomiting! I haven't done it since I was in 5th grade! And I know that my body won't be used to the heat or the food so things could get interesting.

Pray for these things? I know God is in control. God is good. God can handle vomit (though I pray against it!).


  1. Praying that your time is amazing and that MTI is a great organization that you find clarity about and ease in deciding about the longer commitment!

  2. Kez, have a wonderful time in Haiti and I will pray that you stay healthy!